Moo T-Shirt


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Top Quality, Pre-Washed,Pre-Shrunk 100% Organic Cotton,Hand-Dyed,Amazing Earth Friendly Dyes,Durable Color And Ware
Specifications In Inches Body Width:S-18,05 M-19,95 L-21,85 Xl-23,75 2X-24,7 3X-26,6
Body Length:S-26,04 M-27,9 L-29,76 Xl-30,69 2X-32,55 3X-34,41
Sleeve Length:S-8,25 M-8,25 L-8,5 Xl-9 2X-9,25 3X-9,5
Collar Height:S-1 M-1 L-1 Xl-1 2X-1 3X-1
Neck Hole Size:S-18 M-18 L-19 Xl-20 2X-22 3X-22,5
Arm Hole:S-8,75 M-9,75 L-10,25 Xl-11 2X-12 3X-12,5
Sleeve Opening:S-7,25 M-7,75 L-8 Xl-8,25 2X-8,5 3X-8,5
Neck Width:S-7 M-7,25 L-7,5 Xl-7,5 2X-8,25 3X-8,25
Front Neck Drop:S-4,125 M-4,25 L-4,625 Xl-4,625 2X-4,625 3X-4,625