The Good Old Days


Collectable figurine by Guillermo Forchino 29cm W x 13.5cm D x 15.8cm

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The goal of Rom,Alex,Anto and Jo was to know Katmandu.Their hair was long with lots of colorful ribbons and flowers."Peace and Love" and "Flower Power"was their mantra and music was their passion.They bought an old camper from a junk yarda nd painted it with large,colorful flowers.They were seeking spiritual happiness far from materialistic and superficial society.They hit the road following their karma in the direction Nepal.Two days after leaving,the engine broke,they discovered they had no more money and their supplies were gone.They finally had o hitchhike home.The years went by, they got jobs,had kids,loans,worriesand that time of carefree and total liberty,that neither the bald heads of some nor the sprouts of grey hair of others could forget,was far behind them.In memory of their old spiritual quest,they decided to spend a summer vacation redoing that famous cancelled trip.But this t5ime with the kids, they were a total of nine.They booked a package tour with a flight to Bali,which was not quite Katmandu,but still had the advantage of a great Club Med. 29cm W x 13.5cm D x 15.8cm H

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